Doormat With Three Working Line Short-haired German Shepherds Sitting on the Truck's Cargo Bed and Caption Life is Simple

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A tufted coir coconut fiber doormat featuring three working line short-haired German Shepherds sitting on a truck's cargo bed with the caption "Life is Simple" can add a charming and welcoming touch to your home. This unique design not only showcases the beauty of these intelligent and loyal dogs but also conveys a message of simplicity and contentment. The combination of natural coir material and the adorable image of the German Shepherds creates a warm and inviting entrance for guests while also reflecting your love for these amazing animals.
  • One size: 24" × 16" (61cm x 40.6cm)
  • Material: Grade A tufted coir coconut fiber
  • Black vinyl backing
  • Mainly for outdoor use